Economic Calendar
The Economic Calendar lets you follow important events that affect the Forex industry trades in real time. You can use it to schedule your trades and make plans for future trades as well! The Economic Calendar Widgets keeps itself up to date at all times, so you’re always up to date!

Live Currency Rates
Currency rates are of outmost importance when trading in the world of Forex, as you need to constantly remain updated on how much every currency is currently worth. The Live Currency Rates widgets updates constantly, making sure that you remain up to date at all times!

Margin and Pip Calculator
The Margin and Pip Calculator, true to its name, will let you calculate what your required margin is, and what your Pip value is as well. While not limited to currencies alone, 1 Lot can be worth anywhere between $1 and $100,000, so make sure to pay attention while using this calculator!

Profit Calculator
Are you wondering whether now is the time to close a trader? Do you want to make sure you’re going to make enough money off it? is here to help you with the Profit Calculator, made to make your calculations a whole lot easier! Simply enter the currency or asset you wish to trade, add the size of the trade as well as the opening and closing prices, and voila! To add the Profit Calculator to your website, simply click the Copy button!

Currency Converter
The Currency Converter lets you check how much money you have by comparing one type of currency with another! So if you have $100,00 and you want to check how much these are worth in terms of Euro, simply enter the value into the currency converter, compare it to Euro, and get your results! Converter updated regularly. To add this widget to your site, click the copy button below!